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Smart Factory Kunshan is an open IIoT technology hub for demonstration, integration, development and marketing of Industry 4.0 technologies. Embedded into the unique real-life production environment of Startup Factory in China, one of the biggest business incubators for SMEs in production worldwide, we have a clear focus on the needs of SMEs. Our smart factory concept enables both, Western and Chinese companies, to bring their technology to market and become part of a multifaceted ecosystem integrating demonstration, research, events, industrial testbeds, application center, digital qualification and training.

Under the patronage of Germany‘s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Smart Factory Kunshan is a joint venture of Startup Factory with Kunshan City Government established in 2017, supported by digitalization expert IoT ONE, and aims to create the largest Sino-Foreign Industry 4.0 demonstration and integration factory in China.

Let’s meet at Smart Factory Kunshan, we are Sharing Ideas!